Tests for Approval From The Swedish Rheumatism Association

Sweden for All is responsible for the tests performed on behalf of the Swedish Rheumatism Association.

The tests measure the ease of handling products and packages. As measuring instruments, we use a group of 10-20 people with reduced hand function. During the test, they perform and judge every handling step on a scale where 0= impossible, 1= very hard, 2= neither hard nor easy, 4= rather easy, and 5= very easy.

The average result from the testing group is calibrated to a reference group of over a hundred people with reduced hand function.

Your product or package can be approved and use a label from the Swedish Rheumatism Association if the calibrated result is good enough for all handling steps. The method is scientifically reviewed.

Approximately six products or packages can be tested on the same occasion. The result is delivered as a report with graphs showing the results, comments on the handling steps from the test people, and pictures as an option. If a package is approved, there will be a separate agreement with the Swedish Rheumatism Association about using the label. You can also order video documentation from the test.

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